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New Media Production / Marketing Consulting

In the Brave New World of the Internet Age, finding unusual and creative ways to Promote, Market and Grow your business is the norm.

The partners of Relax Web have dedicated their lives to marketing and promoting businesses both large and small. From our core Music Industry enterprises, to providing expert advise to our clients, Relax Web provides innovative New Media Marketing, Creative Development and Business Consulting services.

Whether it is breaking a recording artist to superstardom, or simply turning an original idea into a profitable business, Relax Web provides all of our projects with out of the box thinking and precision execution.

Our New Media partners are skilled in all aspects of creative production. From TV and Film projects, to Viral Video production and traditional Advertising techniques, our Creative Consultants can craft a campaign that spans all platforms. Simply put, we provide you with unrivaled creatives that attack all forms of media.

Our Business Consultants can analyze any business from the inside out to determine all of your weaknesses. Especially the ones that you just cannot see. We then work with your strengths to develop a comprehensive campaign that encompases your entire operation with one simple goal... increasing your profits while cutting costs.

Our partners have hundreds of years of experience in all aspects advertising, publicity, promotion and marketing. There is no task large or small that we cannot accomplish for your business to increase your bottom line. It all starts with a simple call to our Managing Partner, Patrick Rule. You can reach him at 309-279-5000.

Thank you for visiting our corner of the Brave New World.